history of the old house

Every old house has its story. Here's what we know about this Old House.

Built in 1900, “The Old House at Center and Main” was part of the early history and growth in Wayne County. Torrey was founded in the late 1880’s. The Old House was built during the same time the Torrey Canal was being built, about the same time as the mighty Cottonwood trees lining Main Street were planted. In 1900, the population of Torrey was just over 100. Today, nearly 300 people call Torrey home.


A prime location from the beginning, the House was first home to the Lee family. Most recently, many residents remember Luis Monarques who lived there until 2006. After Luis’ death, the house sat vacant until purchased in 2016 by Annie Holt and Don Gomes. Renovation was accomplished by a construction team who rewired, re-plumbed, re-roofed, and re-decorated the space.


Stories abound about the history of the Old House owners, some perhaps apocryphal. Whoever lived or visited the House kept the sturdy building in good repair. Time and weather deteriorated the roof and rendered the electrical system obsolete. Original “outdoor” plumbing gave way to a cesspool and now a new septic system. Not all that glamorous, but we’re confident the House can stand for another 100 years.


Now “The Old House at Center and Main” is home to over four dozen local handcrafters and authors. Their work fills the lower level of the house and is for sale to discerning Torrey visitors and Wayne County locals.


There is great pride in remembering history and we’re pleased to have you visit. Enjoy “The Old House at Center and Main” and the very talented handcrafters and authors that you will find here. Be sure to see the "100 Years of Wallpaper" exhibit in the Back Room.


Some of the copies of pictures below are courtesy of our generous neighbor, Coral Coffey. If you have any old photos you would like to contribute, please contact us.