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Turquoise and Antler Necklace

Donna Sall


Donna has lived in Torrey for over a quarter-century. She loves stones and fossils and finds endless ways to combine them in her jewelry designs.


Necklace with Fossil Walrus Ivory and Turquoise Beads.

Necklace 8",  Ivory 1" x 2"

DS19 - Necklace - Walrus Ivory & Turquoise


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“Fractured Diamonds”

Marsha Chappell


Marsha’s “quilting room” is eye candy for those who visit her home. Her quilts include traditional designs and more striking examples of contemporary flair.


Quilted Wall Hanging

37” x 55”

MC105 Quilted Wall Hanging


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"Foot Deep"

Bryce Rubeck


Bryce uses clay and wax to create original sculptures which then are turned into limited edition bronzes. “Foot Deep” expresses the natural need to explore.


Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

4" x 5" x 6"

MR103 "Foot Deep"


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"Bears Ears

Jessie Berggren


Jessie loves creating new designs and takes inspiration from nature to literature to pop culture. The “Bears Ears” pendant necklace is a special design in support of the monument.


Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

18" Necklace with 3/4" x 2" Pendant

JB337 Bears Ears


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Obsidian Knife with Antler Handle

Ricky Norman


Ricky learned the art of knapping from his father and gained a passion for various primitive skills. His knives, arrows, bows, and decorative plaques evoke thoughts of a time gone by.


Obsidian Knife with Antler Handle

5" x 2" x 11"

RN501 Obsidian Knife with Antler Handle


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Hand Knit Hat & Scarf

Barbara Czapla


Barb has been a fiber artist for many years – crocheting, knitting, and spinning. From booties, to scarves, caps, and gloves, her work is warm and comfortable.


One Size Fits All

Hand Knit Hat w/ Scarf


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Lariat Rope Bowl

Wayne Hanks


Wayne makes rope baskets using recycled lariats from ropers he knows. Wayne likes to imitate Navajo pottery forms in his basket designs. Each basket is unique in form, color, flaws and characteristics left in the rope from use.


Navajo design Lariat Rope Bowl

10.5" x 10.5" x 6"

WH103 Navaho Rope Bowl


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Mini Finger Hot Pads

Kalene Albrecht


The useful and decorative finger hot pads are a perfect alternative for taking items from the microwave or elsewhere. No more bulky hot pads! Kalene searches for fabric that sets a tone.


Mini Finger Hot Pad

5" x 7" x 1"

KA303 Mini Hot Pads


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Felted Bird Nest

Jill James


Jill has knitting buddies across the West. Her whimsical, felted bird nest comes complete with (wooden) eggs!


Felted Bird Nest

6" x 6" x 4"

JJ101 Felted Bird Nest


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Seeds for Bees

Mary B


Mary makes the paper and infuses it with seed that are sure to be colorful and attractive to bees in your yard. Just plant in the ground or in a pot with rich soil and keep the area moist. You’ll see the reward soon.


Seeds for Bees

Set of 3, 3" x 4" each

MB102 Seeds for Bees


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“Native Sun”

Taeler McKay


A multimedia artist, Taeler specializes in drawing and bead work. Her very detailed work is influenced by Utah’s rich Native American culture.


Beaded Bracelet

1.75” x 7.5”


TM121 Native Sun Bracelet


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Wooden Flute

Vance Morrill


Vance produces Native-American-inspired flutes from Cedar and Poplar in assorted keys. His workshop at The Flute Shop up Highway 12 is worth a visit.


Wooden Flute, Key of G

1" x 1" x 11"

VM101 Wooden Flute


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Petrified Wood Jewelry Set

 Valerie Oyler


Beautiful local rocks and petrified wood grace her natural jewelry. They are tumbled for five weeks and end up as pieces of handmade pendants, earrings, and barrettes. This set is made from local petrified wood.


Necklace, Bracelet, and Barrette Set from Petrified Wood

VO105 Necklace, Bracelet, and Barrette Set


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Diena Riddle


Diena famously raises and shears her Alpacas. Then she spins and dyes the yarn and knits and weaves. Three times warmer than wool, their fleece is fire retardant and water repellent.


Knit Alpaca Hat from Alpaca named "Probee"

7" x 11" x 2"

DR146 Knit Alpaca Hat - Probee


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